Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At the Bar

Yep, I'm sitting here blogging right now. I figured I would rather sip some beer than whatever non-coffee drink I'll end up getting at a coffee shop. At the Blind Robin at 6:30 on a Wednesday evening sipping PBR, that's the life huh? :)
Here's some pages from my sketch book. Most are from a couple different Dr. Sketchy's and then there's a bonus pic hidden in there. Enjoy!
No, the vagina is not from Dr. Sketchy's......That's just the result of me me googling "female reproductive system"


Sarah said...

WHOA! Was that for me?? hehe

My Name Isn't Jonas said...

I was looking through, and I covered my eyes when I got to the raunchy parts, I swear...

~Joey W.

Bill Raid said...

Hi Kate, this is Bill from the myspace, Steven's friend, etc. Your blog is cool, I'm gonna add it to the blog roll of my stupid internet radio play list bloglist.

what shows are you going to coming up?

drunk on a Wednesday night Bill

Karens Glass Art said...

Hey Katie,
Is this your current self portrait????

Thanks for the visit to my blog!