Monday, January 7, 2013

New Camera!

Nothing fancy schmancy but I got a new Canon point and shoot, which is 16 megapixels so it is way better than my old camera. I did some test shots to play around with it; I still need to get familiar with the settings. I want to re-shoot all my Etsy stuff and art work so that is going to be a long process. I have a tripod coming soon, so once I get that I can get started. 

Fish eye!  

Trying some lighting out, I really need to figure this out since there's not much natural sun right now in the winter and I usually shoot outdoors. 

Work desk stuff

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Vanessa Uttaro said...

Ah product photos... the best way to take the fun out of photography. ;) The fish eye is cool, did you get a different lens for that, or is it a setting on the camera?

Also, recommended:

I have this one, and my only complaint is that the lights burn REALLY hot, so I feel like I have to turn them off to let them cool every few minutes. It doesn't compare to natural light, but with a little editing it's a great alternative for the darker Winter months.