Monday, July 22, 2013


This weekend I celebrated the big 3-0 at my apartment with a great group of friends and WAY too many shots. Above is a picture of the photobooth area I had up for the party, I can't wait to see the pictures once they're edited! I got paper pom poms and lanterns online and hung them from the ceiling in the hall by my dining room area. I felt pretty lazy about buying something online that I could have made myself (the pom poms), but with vacation earlier this month and then having company I was exhausted and wanted to make the party planning easy and stress free. 

All in all I'm doing much better with the whole "holy crap I'm 30, what am I doing with my life" thing. I have a good amount of friends who are older than me and told me in all sincerity and not to just make me feel better that your 30's are an awesome time and that helped me a lot to hear. My life isn't perfect but overall I'm happy with things, and while I have a lot to change/work on I have come a long way and look forward to what my 30's bring. 

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