Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Week

Hey you guys. Mondays, amiright?!? So anyways, 2 or so weeks ago I lamented about my artist block and decided to keep writing about it to help myself through it and it really did help! It helped to know I was accountable and needed to show I was working on something. I don't have a TON of followers here but I wanted to show I was working through the block. I think I got past it since I've been working steadily on drawings and collages since I last posted. I am planning on re-opening an online store for my work and will continue to apply to shows in the midst of apartment hunting and other various life events happening. Not sure when I'll have the shop open but sooner rather than later would be preferred of course. I still want art to be my only job but it's not realistic right now and not sure it ever will be? I'm a bit too realistic for my own good sometimes and it's no fun. 

I hope that didn't end this post of a negative note! Here's a photo of my cramped work table from Saturday night. I chugged some coffee and got a lot of little things that I had been meaning to do done. 

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