Friday, May 2, 2014


Packing is not fun. Especially when you have a lot of stuff.

So May is quite the busy month for me. We were looking for an apartment June 1st and ended up getting a place May 15th. Now I have to get lots done sooner than I thought! Booking movers, having a yard sale (moving in to a smaller place), going out of town for a wedding, finding a sublet for my current place....whew. I am making good progress on packing though so that's helping the stress levels! I am hoping the weather holds out Sunday and we have a great yard sale. It will be nice to get in to our new place soon though, I can't wait to leave roommate life behind and live with my boyfriend. Next week is our 3 year anniversary too! Kind of funny to say that since we did have a few break ups but we don't count those since we were in close touch the whole time we were broken up anyways. 

This got real personal, huh? Well, I do enjoy reading blogs that talk about creative endeavors as well as personal lives so that's what I want to write about as well. 

Wish me luck with the move! I will be packing up my studio soon so I won't be working on any new work till I'm settled, BUT I will have some new work on display at Cole's Bar in Chicago located at 2338 N. Milwaukee starting Sunday May 18th.

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