Friday, May 23, 2014

Moved In!

Hey all! The move happened on Wednesday and it was super fast and smooth (I 100% recommend EMS Movers in Chicago). It's tough trying to get everything unpacked since it's a small place, but we're making progress. I took some time off work and am back today and it's so hard because I just want to be at the new place right now!

Yes that is a dresser in the living room. We, well... mostly I, have a lot of stuff. We'll have a storage unit eventually, but they're re-doing the basement so we have to wait till it's done. I love that huge window!

My new roommate Cleo. She is Scott's cat and I was a bit worried she wouldn't like me but last night she followed me around the apartment and cuddled with me in bed. So going well! Ignore those curtains in the bedroom, those were some just to have up, but we're getting less um, abrasively colorful ones soon.

Took this while taking a packing break yesterday. I love the light in the new place. At my last apartment my bedroom window didn't get much light since there was another building right next to ours. This is by far the nicest place I've lived since I've been on my own. I am so in love with this place and so happy we found it!

Have a great weekend! There will be more pictures as we get settled. 


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