Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Peek at the New Studio!

Hey all! So I still have some organizing to do, but I am mostly settled in to the studio/office in our 2nd bedroom. Awhile back I had started to look in to separate studio space somewhere so I could spread out a bit more, but it was hard to justify the cost as I still work full time and was afraid I wouldn't have enough time to work there to make it worth it. So I decided to stay working at home as I have been doing since graduating college. Working at home is nice and it makes me happy since it's easy to take breaks for coffee, tea, dinner, laundry; all that domestic stuff. 

Here are some pictures of the space (whatever not pictured is a bit messy!)

So happy I found room for my easel!

Started to decorate the walls this weekend. The photos on the left are by Scott, the framed collage is by my friend Sarah, the square print of fabric is from an Art-O-Mat and the PBR piece was a gift from when our friends went to Portland.

Current workspace/mess.

Studio buddy. Cleo likes to hang out when I'm in there.

Print by Ashley G, various photobooth pictures with dear friends, and a vintage Florida travel map.

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